Violence Against Women: Conference Sponsors

The November 28th AGS Conference on Crimes Against Women organized with the support of institutional sponsors, who have shared their premises and other resources to make this event possible. We thank them for their support and engagement in the cause of women's rights.


logocartouche-fondationaf_sm.jpgFounded in 1883, the Alliance Française is in charge of the promotion of French language and the diffusion of French culture in the world. It is comprised of the Fondation Alliance Française, a Paris-based nonprofit organization of public interest, and over 800 centers spread over 135 countries across all continents, operating under the coordination of the Foundation. In this international network, 8,000 teachers and over half a million students of all national origins act together for the dynamism of, and growing interest in French language and culture in the world.


The Maison des Cultures du Monde (World Cultures Institute) was created in 1982 to promote cultural and artistic exchanges between France and other countries across the globe. As the key organization in France for intangible cultural heritage, it seeks to protect cultural diversity and the expression of cultural identities through :

- raising awareness and encouraging respect for difference;

- promoting the various forms of performing arts and the intangible cultural heritage that they represent;

- documenting and recording rare and endangered music.

The MCM is funded by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the cities of Paris and Vitré. It receives the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Alliance Française Foundation.


The American Women's Group in Paris is a secular, nonprofit volunteer organization. Its purpose is to foster and encourage social, educational and cultural activities among English-speaking women in France, and to assist in furthering Franco-American relations. One of its principal goals is to support organizations that serve women and children in need.

Nova Science Publishersis a New York-based publishing house that works with authors from around the globe to publish a wide array of academic books, encyclopaedias, handbooks, e-books and journals. While the firm diversifies in several fields of academia, most of its publications cover fields of science and social sciences. Nova worked in collaboration with the American Graduate School in Paris Research Center to publish  in 2010.


 Header picture: Crimes Against Women book cover, painting by , detail


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