Internships for Credit

Students enrolled in the M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy have the opportunity to do a credit-bearing internship, allowing them to gain relevant professional experience, explore career paths, and make useful professional contacts, all while earning credits toward their program.

Internships usually take place in Paris or the greater Paris area. They may exceptionally take place in other cities of France or in other countries.

AGS has a very good track record with students finding internships. Over the years the school has developed connections and gained an excellent reputation with a large number of organizations where AGS students regularly intern. While students are responsible for conducting their own internship search and placement is not guaranteed, AGS provides support and advice as well as contacts with potential organizations. Additionally, AGS provides the necessary legal agreement to allow students to intern in France ("convention de stage").

Here are some examples of places where AGS students have interned in the past:

  • United Nations

  • UNEP (United Nations Environment Program)

  • UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

  • OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)


  • Human Rights Watch

  • Académie Diplomatique Internationale

  • Time Magazine

  • Different Country State Departments' Embassies in France (USA, Germany, Nigeria, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, etc.)

  • Embassy of Bosnia-Herzegovina in France

  • ³¢'°¿°ùé²¹±ô

  • Publicis

  • International Chamber of Commerce

  • Solidarité Aide Humanitaire d'Urgence

Note: This list is non comprehensive

Internships-for-credit have to be at least 220 hours spread over one semester (a typical internship is 15 hours a week over 15 weeks), and have to be approved by AGS in order to ensure that they properly complement the program and best serve the job aspirations of the student.

The internship-for-credit receives three credits as an elective course. Interning students are assigned a dedicated AGS internship director who guides them in the fulfillment of written and oral requirements in order to incorporate their internship experience into the academic program and make the most of it. These requirements include:

  • An oral presentation on the internship experience during a mid-semester workshop with the AGS internship director and fellow students.

  • Researching and writing a paper on their internship (10-12 pages).

  • A completed supervisor evaluation form as produced by the organization providing the internship

When meeting these requirements, the internship receives 3 credit as an elective course (out of the 42 required for the M.A. degree). 


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Ryan MillsUnited States
Study Abroad in Paris
Fall 2015 

quote leftFrom current issues in the Middle East taught together by an Iranian historian and an Israelli journalist, to NGO management taught by the director of Human Rights Watch in France, every class was fascinating and taught by some of the most impressive people I could ever have imagined. I immediately felt at home in this small but active AGS community because, although students and professors are all from different parts of the world, everyone takes the time to understand each other's perspective. Overall, I would recommend AGS to anyone with a thirst for intellectual stimulation and a drive to not only understand the world of international relations, but engage in it..quote right

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