Additional Degree Option: LL.M. in French & EU Law

An American M.A. and a European LL.M. in Three years

After completing the coursework for the Master's degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at AGS, Master's students at AGS have the opportunity to apply to AGS's partner program at the Law School of Cergy-Paris Université. This option allows students to earn two complementary Master's degrees over the course of three years:

  • A U.S.-accredited M.A. (Master of Arts) in International Relations and Diplomacy

  • A Europe-accredited LL.M. (Master of Laws) in French & European Union Law

In addition, students in this program earn a Certificate in Anglo-American Law from AGS.

Program Description

Preparatory courses in Law

In order to be eligible for the LL.M. program, students who do not have a legal background are required to take four preparatory courses while pursuing their M.A. coursework at AGS:

  • Introduction to Common Law

  • American Tort Law

  • American Contract Law

  • American Criminal Law

Students who successfully complete these four preparatory courses earn a Certificate in Anglo-American Law from AGS. Near completion of these preparatory courses and the AGS degree, qualified students may start the application process to the LL.M. program at Cergy-Paris Université.

LL.M. in French & European Union Law at Cergy-Paris Université 

The LL.M. program is a one-year full time program. Courses are taught in English. They take place on the Cergy-Paris Université campus, in Cergy-Pontoise, in the greater Paris area (accessible by public transportation from the center city).

The LL.M. in French & European Union Law at Université de Cergy-Pontoise provides specialized knowledge in French, European Union and International Law for students preparing to work for or in relation with Intergovernmental Organizations, NGOs, European institutions, and International Corporations.

The faculty in the LL.M. program is composed of both academics and lawyers or other professionals. In some cases, seminars are taught by and within international law firms based in Paris. Through this setting, the program provides its students with a network of contacts among the international legal community in Paris.

The Cergy-Paris Law School ranks among the top ten law schools in France: .

Cergy-Paris Université  is a leading center of education and research in France and internationally. It is a young dynamic university with an international scope. There is a student body of 20,000, including 3,000 in the law School. The faculty is composed of 1,000 members. Cergy-Paris Université offers all levels of undergraduate and post-graduate studies in various disciplines around five major poles: law, languages, literature and social sciences, economy and management, science and technology.

Steps of the Dual Program

1. In their first two years, students complete the M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy, as well as - for those who do not already have a legal background - four preparatory Law courses at AGS.

2. In their fourth semester at AGS, students apply to the LL.M. program at Cergy-Paris Université

3. In their third year, students follow the LL.M. in French & European Union Law program at Université de Cergy-Pontoise.




Note: The operations and contents of the LL.M. program remain under the sole responsibility of the partner institution.


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Tim FrancisNew Zealand
M.A.in International Relations
Class of 2014

quote leftMy AGS experience was infinitely rewarding, from the classes to the faculty, to the student community. My time in Paris gave me many opportunities to connect and interact with people in the vibrant international community around Paris, from UNESCO to Human Rights Watch, to the countless other organisations that call Paris home.quote right

The M.A. in International Relations program is fully accredited in the U.S.:

by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education
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