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The American Graduate School in Paris provides to its students and graduates a number of career services and professional development opportunities, ranging from professional internships and networking occasions during the program to career workshops, resume-writing assistance, job ad resources and career advice and tips.

Alumni connections

AGS International Alumni network

AGS alumni pursue careers in various fields of international affairs all over the globe: France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Singapore… AGS alumni are spread over more than 40 countries in total. Graduates of the international relations programs typically work in intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, governmental agencies, diplomacy, communications, journalism, and academia.

AGS students and graduates are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable international network. AGS provides resources and tools to facilitate these connections. These include an AGS alumni directory allowing students to get in touch with individual alumni as well as an online notice board with job ads and tips. And of course, friendships formed during the program often naturally bring along fruitful contacts.

Arcadia International Alumni network

Thanks to AGS’s partnership with , in addition to being part of the international AGS Alumni network, graduates of the M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy at AGS are also eligible to become alumni of Arcadia University should they wish, and may therefore enjoy Arcadia alumni benefits.

Opportunities during the program


Internships are not only a good way to gain hands-on experience, they are also a very efficient way to make useful professional connections. Many AGS students take advantage of this opportunity, especially those wishing to work in France after they graduate.

AGS supports and facilitates internships in several ways:

  • by providing contacts with a number of organizations in Paris who have regularly taken AGS interns in the past. While students are responsible for conducting their own internship search and placement is not guaranteed, AGS has a very good track record in placing interns and recent graduates in various organizations in and around Paris.

  • by providing the legal agreement to facilitate the internship process in France (“convention de stage”)

  • by allowing up to two internships to count for credit towards the degree. See more information here

Networking opportunities

70% of jobs are found through networking (Fisher, Donna & Vilas, Sandi: Power Networking, Bard Press).

During the Master’s and Ph.D. programs, AGS offers numerous occasions for professional networking: guest presentations, conferences, social events, visits to corporations, embassies and other organizations in Paris, etc. AGS very much encourages students and alumni to make the most of those opportunities by participating in those events, connecting with guest speakers and other participants, and discussing their career projects with them.

Career services

Career workshops

AGS regularly holds workshops where alumni or guest speakers having extensive experience in headhunting give guidance in resume writing, job searching, and interview preparation. These workshops are open to AGS students and alumni.

Resume-writing assistance

The AGS staff may provide assistance for the writing of CV/resumes and cover letters, in English as well as in French.

Arcadia University's Center for Career Development

In addition, through the partnership with Arcadia University, AGS students and alumni have access to the resources and services provided by Arcadia's Center for Career Development. 


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Ryan MillsUnited States
Study Abroad in Paris
Fall 2015 

quote leftFrom current issues in the Middle East taught together by an Iranian historian and an Israelli journalist, to NGO management taught by the director of Human Rights Watch in France, every class was fascinating and taught by some of the most impressive people I could ever have imagined. I immediately felt at home in this small but active AGS community because, although students and professors are all from different parts of the world, everyone takes the time to understand each other's perspective. Overall, I would recommend AGS to anyone with a thirst for intellectual stimulation and a drive to not only understand the world of international relations, but engage in it..quote right

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