M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy: Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees

The fees below are current for the 2022-23 academic year:





Cost per three-credit graduate course modules.
The full M.A. curriculum includes 14 modules (including 12 lecture courses and two thesis tutorials)

€ 2,800

€ 39,200

Registration fee

Per semester fee

€ 200

€ 800


€ 40,000

Important notes:

1. Tuition fees include: coursework (14 three-credit course modules including 12 courses and two thesis tutorials), Master's thesis advising, access to AGS' specialized library, and access to online academic resources (E-books and journals) through the Arcadia University Portal.

They do not include: textbooks, housing, travel expenses, living expenses, health insurance. They do not include additional courses in case of non-passing grades.

2. The registration fee includes access to the Reid Hall facilities (including library, printer, etc.) and participation in most events offered by AGS and the AGS student association. Students enrolled in the program but not paying tuition for a course will be charged a "Reid Hall fee" in addition to the registration fee if they wish to maintain access to the Reid Hall facility.

3. The total program cost above is based on four semesters, the average M.A. program length. Total cost may vary depending on program duration.

4. Total program tuition may vary in the case where credits are transferred in.

5. The tuition and fees indicated in the table above are valid for all courses taken during the 2022-23 academic year. Tuition and fees are subject to a raise comprised between 1% and 5% in the Fall every year. Therefore, the total amount for the program may vary based on that raise.


Tuition and fees are billed at the start of each semester, based on the number of courses registered for during that semester.

50% of the semester tuition is due two weeks before the start of classes. The remaining 50% is due at the end of the Add/Drop Period (end of Week 1 of classes).

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quote leftEvery day the news is filled with stories about foreign leaders, wars, peace talks, and tragedies. Our students learn how to fit together those pieces like a puzzle, and through the lens of international relations, understand the world as it is.quote right

The M.A. in International Relations program is fully accredited in the U.S.:

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